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Support  Empowerment  Leadership  Fundamentals Entrepreneurship for Girls

Our Vision is only part of the things we focus on! This why we ask you to join us with your food for thought...

It can be as simply as start a conversation about those things all girls needs to be:

Envision, Enrich, Ensured, Enlighten, Enhance, & Encourage!

Ten Ways to Lift Your Spirit    
1. Fab up your life w/ changes
2. Shopping w/ friends
3. Beauty Tips (a makeover)
4. The Look (finding a style for you)
5. Girl Talk
6. Fashion News Magazines
7. What the Buzz (things you like)
8. What Girls Like (Girls Day out)
9. Lunch w/Friends & Family
10. Write a Journal

What other things SELF USA do?

  •  Support
  •  Encourage 
  •  Lead
  •  Futures

 Provide Hope


•  Success


  Empathetic + Build Life-Skills

  Mentoring + Shallowing........ 

United Socially And Supportively via Mentoring & Shadowing Programs

Your Food for Thought!

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Professional---Entrepreneurs---Woman in Leadership Roles---Empowering /Mentoring---Helping Young Females to Thrive for S E L F  Success!