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In this day and age, it’s hard to build pre-teen, teenagers, and many young adults self-esteem and self-worth".The schools system programs are designed to implement

educational growth via books, with little to no programs dealing with life-skills. Health education programs were placed in school to deal with issues of sex education.

SELF USA, School Programs is designed to offer girls a social network to meet w/ friends and enjoy teas and discuss a wide variety of topics including topics on Fashions, Leadership, College, Careers etc....

Today's students has a lot more issues than teen pregnancy on their mine. many of their issues are not address in school, many has to do with life-skill issues, e.g.Drugs, Alcohol, Bulling, Gangs, HIV/AIDS, Phone w/camera, Being Pretty, Weight, Food Disorders, Internet Postings, and much, much more..

Parent's Corner:

  • Due to a lack in providing social programs many girls donot learn how to properly & effectively communicate.
  • Schools have cancel their programs and do not address social issues, including self-esteem.
  • Girls are not being empowered, they're lacking self-confident.

SELF USA IS Building Confidents & Support

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