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Our Vision

We are a Social Network for Girls, our members are from various (10) States, Economic, Nationalities and Social backgrounds. We are proud to be a part of such a Unique Group and is looking forward to expanding our membership..Take a moment to take our Tour.

Ten Ways to Lift Your Spirit

  • Fab up your life
  • How to shopping
  • BeautyTips
  • The Look
  • Period, Periods
  • Fahion News
  • What the Buzz
  • What Girls Like
  • Lunch w/Friends
  • Mother Daughter Day Out


Input your question or answer; You can add to or answer any questions Board changes every week...on Tuesday

Question 1:

How does SELF USA transform issues that impact girls lives?

Answer 1:

  • SELF USA is committed to investing in changes that impact and inspirer our girls life skills.
  • We have recruited a network team to assure that all areas of their lives is being properly addressed. T. Mabry, COO

Linking with other passionate supporters and community leaders we are able strongly impact their lives. C. Regina Smith, Program Cr.

What other things SELF USA do?

  • We Build Life-skills
  • We Provide Hope
  • We Encourage Visions
  • We Empower
  • We Build tomorrow Leaders
  • We Support
  • We Educate
  • We Listen
  • We Overcome Objective
  • We get Positive Results
  • We Build Self-esteem
  • We Build Understanding
  • We do! a "Lot More"
  • Building SELF-ESTEEM
  • SOCIAL Leadership ages7-10;11-16; 17-19;20-28

Through our variety of projects and educational programs, including our advocacy efforts, we continue to work to build young girls and young women self-worth (base on age) ... Our members participates in a variety of service projects in local communities.

Members Responsibilities:

  • Attend meeting, functions, events
  • Be an active member (participate)
  • Volunteer
  • Fulfill our mission and vision
  • Be empowering
  • Be supportive
  • Advocate 

Benefit of a SELF USA Membership:

  • Wide-spread Advantages & Opportunities
  • Special Services & Privilages
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Training Programs
  • In-store discounts
  • Meet interesting & involved people from different cultures
  • Shallow many Profession Women
  • A chance to seek assistance from women of different backgrounds to aid in your educational growth
  • Lots of FUN!
  • Learning Fashions vs Styles
  • Meet & Greets (Socialize & Network)
  • Shallowing professional working women in many different fields
  • Rec'd volunteer vouchers
  • Experience sincerity of fellowship with girls from various cultures & backgrounds...including difference locally & internationally
  • Accept leadership roles that promote personal growth, self-worth, confidence, empowerment & more
  • At SELF USA Market Place enjoy a friendly and supportive atmosphere...bookclubs, training & shopping
  • Field Trips
  • Party & Events Planning  

Membership Criteria:

  • You must be able to have fun and enjoy learning ...
  • You must be committed to being active with your membership
  • You must be willing to commit time to volunteering
  • You must be willing to assist the younger members
  • You must be a girl or young adult ages 7-28

Join SELF USA Membership Programs

Member Annual Cost: 30.00 or 50.00 yrly...fill out form on Contact Page

This site was developed by SELF USA's Member....

Our Target Market: We are proud to aim toward the many young girls and adult women whom wishes to add a variety of diversed cultures to their lives. SELF is proud to reach so much girls to add and build a unique social network and interaction at each of our market place.

Our demographic:

  • 65% of our visitors are Tween Girls
  • 25% are Teens and their advisors

SELF USA Connection: Mentoring, Coaching & Leadership Programs

Professional Women: Chefs, Entertainers, and other professional leaders...   

*Professional Volunteers via Daisy B. Edwards Center @ email: 0r 877/244-9765

SELF USA and our partners are committed to promote entrepreneurial leadership through various educational activities for girls and young women; that includes but not limited too.

Certification Programs:

Leadership Skills

Social Skills: Understanding the effectiveness


Empowerment Skills


Team Building

Community Services: SELF's Action Teams

Core Values

Program Completion

Accomplishments & Awards


How to Communication: Public Speaking

  1. Building Self-esteem
  2. Conflict Resolution

Entrepreneurship Programs: How to prepare a business plan


Supportive Services


Start up


Business Clinics

Impact of Business

LLC and License

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