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SELF USA, A Non-profit Organization

SELF USA, a leading non-profit organization for girls, We're committed to inspiring our members to become effective leaders.

Our Mission is to assist each of our members with diverse backgrounds and universal cultures in achieving goals and enhancing their quality of life, while building their self-worth.

Our Goal is to remove all those barriers and limitations that undermine or underscore any girls ability to "excel". Girls are our most important investment, their economic development; as well as their social skills are key to empowering their life skills and building potential leadership.

We're committed to aspiring and supporting our girls to become illuminated to positive role models and professional women, to aid in their life choices and social changes.

SELF USA, has developed and implemented immeasurable fundamentals of social networking and life-skills that will give surety

SELF USA members well-beings are victorious.

We continue to develop ways of improving many social issues that effect girls today through our program initiatives in various of ethnicity including vesting in their economic and social opportunities.

SELF USA, collaboration with other educators and advisers has proved to be very effective in providing resources in areas of support services and influential in planning life-long goals:

  • Through strategic- planning, educational support, and key programs SELF USA is designed to unleash girls full potential.
  • Our alliance with many partners via our mentoring and networking outlets will give our girls the support, encouragement, and empowerment needed to secure their long-term goals.

S. E. L. F. USA (United Service Alliance),

SELF USA Mission

Our Mission is to assist and provide young girls, teenagers and young women with the tools necessary to build and maintain positive self-esteem, while empowering them to become tomorrow leaders. Providing and empowering them with effective listening skills and problem-solving skills,via coaches and mentors, that include supportive programs and resources needed to impact all girls full potential.


Social Networking & Communication

  • Is a proud to announce their pioneering leadership planning, development and philanthropic education programs targeted by our partners and administered.
  • Our network of Supporters and Professional Women mentor and provides career shallowing.
  • Teaches elementary, middle school and high school girl’s leadership, empowerment, social skills, community service, gender issues, compassion and grant making skills.

We provide members and some non-members an opportunity to impact communities with development workshops, entrepreneurship that empowers

“How to Clinics” on decision-making in the grant making process.


In 2004, SELF USA developed and implemented a call to action plan, that resulted in over 186 professional women from 53 different careers to enlist in our programs.

Offering special support that Empower and Enhance our Daughters leadership skills.

  • Their support has resulted in 88% of our girls and young women successfully completing each programs and leadership workshops.
  • "Call to Action" outreach program is built to assist and enrich the core values of each girls creative process by identify their challenges and objectives:
  • We then assign each girl with a professional mentoring TEAM to oversee and coach them though each program (team of 10 to 15 girls with the same or different cultures and/or interests) effectively.
  • By collaborating with elementary, middle, high schools and colleges in a combine effort to connect our girls with education and life-skill tools that empower their "Self-esteem & Success".

GIRL POWER! Reach out and Touch: Hands-On Projects:

  • Our Network is Designed to mix cultural diversity with various social network:
  1. Linking Hands Programs (variety of cultures coming together)
  2. Resources Together for Success
  3. Girl's of Colors (i.e. White, Black, Brown etc...)
  4. Social Networking/Social ClubAges 7-13, 14-18, 19-28 Groups
  • SELF School Programs:
  1. STOP! Bullying Workshops/Seminars Available (Teen, Tween)
  2. Speaker Bureau (Request A Speaker)
  3. Government Policy on Bully in School; Internship Opportunities; Placement & Seminars
  4. Educational Workshops on Issues Students are face with
  5. Forum on Higher Learning (Guest Speakers & Supporters)
  6. Workshop on Social Internet Networking,
  7. Workshop & Seminars on "When No Is Not Enough!
  8. Cooking & Art Workshops
  9. Entrepreneurship Workshops & Seminars
  10. Teen & Young Women (Meet & Greet) Cultural Summits

Social Networking

  • Building Mother-daughter Relationships
  • Young adults Life-skills Programs
  • Women & Girls Life-skills Projects (Relationship,Careers & Family)
  • Building Success
  • Girls & Woman Day Out
  • Take your daughter/or a daughter to lunch
  • A cup of Tea & Shop (the art of shopping)
  • Treat a girl and her friends out (social networking)
  • Book Club Meet
  • Theater Workshop
  • Art & Craft Workshop
  • Math & Science (Women Leaders & in Leadership roles)
  • Empowerment (Self-esteem)

Cry Tomorrow! Positive Outreach Seminars & Workshops for Mothers & Daughters"

  • Building for an Successful Outcome
  • Women to Women Summit
  • Cooking as a Art & The Simple Art of Cooking
  • Mother/Daughters Day Out
  • The Art of Networking 

Sign up for any workshop, email your contact info to"> 


Empowering their Future with Social Skills that includes:

  • Networking
  • Socializing
  • Interships
  • Painting, Drawing
  • Doll-making

GIRLS, YOUNG WOMEN of all ages: Summer Workshops & Seminars

  • Tools to aid in learning
  • Book Clubs (member of OWN)
  • Social Clubs
  • Girls for Change
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Website Building
  • Self-esteem Workshops & Seminars w/ guest Speakers
  • Social Issues & Concerns
  • Life-skills Programs
  • Support Programs: Ages 8-15, Ages 16-19 & Ages 20-28
  • Preparing for College (funding, education & resource tools, including) 


  • To promote universal change with the intent to develop each girl’s potential and capacity of for empowering tomorrow leaders.
  • To mentor, support and coach a new generation of young women with the tools needed for a positive outcome in leadership skills and altruistic accomplishments.
  • To provide a supportive collaborate network of services designed especially for girls.

Social Networking Club (all ages)

  • Sister to Sister
  • Mothers & Daughter Building Relationships (Learning from each other)
  • Leadership Next United Way & SELF USA
  • Professional Women Network
  • Tea or Coffee Networking Meet & Greet Conferences
  • Women Entrepreneur
  • Steering Committee
  • Girls Night Out
  • Employment & Educational Workshops and Job Fair
  • Internship Opportunities
  • College Tours
  • Book Clubs (OWN)

Workshops & Seminars, Age Focus

                       Mischievous Behavior Reading, Science & Math, Art, Theater and Pottery Classes

SELF USA is culturally diverse and is proud to partner with professional women from various fields who are outstanding women in their field. Their supportive network will aid in the empowerment process of our members in supporting them in their outcome associated with life skills in building and assuring success.  

Annual membership entitles you to a variety of benefits,(+) including invitations to SELF USA events and access to our Market Place Stores, which includes in-store discounts, book club, art, free classes (pending posted dates), how to clinic, social networking, internship, marketing, supportive services network, speakers, volunteerism points (they can be used to shop @ the Market Place Stores), support in starting a business or w/ educational goals and more…

Each membership entitles you to all annual member benefits, plus a welcome package, a membership pin symbolizing your commitment, and exclusive recognition at SELF USA events and marketplaces.

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 SELF USA, Marketing Promo by The Hall Group Inc. Copyright 2004-2014, All Rights Reserved SELF USA

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