SELF USA       

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SELF USA is based on the belief that our Girls' needs are of the utmost importance. Girls of all colors and races, financial status; social groups; 

emotional; developmental disabilities; educational limits etc...those girls lacking self-esteem includes victims of abuse and/or bulling that effect girls of all ages.  

 Our Executive Team, consist of over 174 Professionals in Diverse Fields:

                              48 Partners & Friends     
            4 Organizations    81 Mentors      41 Volunteers

SELF USA entire team is committed to meeting the needs of our members with interactive programs, resources, talent bank, shadowing programs and seminars.

  • As a result of our continued commitments:
  1. 75 percentage of our Girls have started their own businesses
  2. Business enhancements 
  3. Self-esteem/Self-worth
  4. Empowered w/ROI (return on investment)on ones SELF 

SELF USA welcome the opportunity to earn our members trust and structured  leadership programming need to build and empower Success!

 Via our supportive services projects:

 Color Purple Project

Funders Project

The Rianne' & Kennedy Fund

Our Purposes

Building a strong support & resources for all girls.....
Our Summary
Has allow us to provide:
  • Over 34% in additional  programs; outreach & networking
  • 10%; educational funding
  • 2.5% with the balance going towards operation cost and promotion materials,     that includes Marketing; Teen Websites

Our Entrepreneurial Programs   

  • Totaling 56% and 3.5% in start-up costs and 40% in planning and   development.
  • Fonding the right products & market
  • Growing a Business
Results: * We have successfully opened our doors of operation, 100% Success!

What does SELF USA Do?

 SELF USA, Empowers via networking  with Professional Leadership.

Our Leaders offers Guides with Strong Mentoring and Supportive Services Programs, while offering Girls the social skills needed to build Success! We have implemented a variety of tools to set the tone for social interaction, drawing a action  network that includes a diverse culture.

 We provide:

  • Monthly Newsletter, including input from varies school (via our school reporters)                      
  • A social setting for Girls to talk to Girls about many of  the issues their having to deal with day to day...Open Topics promoting effective communication!
  • Social History, Foods, Ethical Issues, Fun & More 
  • Higher learning Seminars & Workshops; How to Clinics; Shadowing; Internship; Volunteerism; Social Networking , Workshops on Bulling!
  • Art, Crafting, Designs, Fashion, Styles
  • FUN! Social Network, Gathering and Seminars on topics that effect Girls of all ages; our groups' topics  are age appropriate and overseen by staff.

 SELF USA, Leadership, Empowerment, & Mentoring Network, getting involved with

 Teens & Young Adults via Art, Painting, Antiques, Music & Theatre