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We're all about GIRLS!


 Empowerment & Leadership Board

SELF USA, social, leadership and empowerment network for girls...

SELF USA has teamed-up with dedicated and encouraging people from various business communities on the go! 

We've chosen careers and backgrounds that are tremendously diverse-expanding from states to states and cities to cities as partners.

Why is this important!

SELF USA and their many partners that includes business communities, retail shops, community theater, the arts, science, schools-colleges, health and human services, job shadowing, mentoring, professional workshops, special needs, book clubs, travel clubs, cooking sessions, cooking clubs, engineering clubs, creative designs, homemade crafting clubs, mini me workshops, mother/daughter actives/clubs... 

Our Team Mission

Empowered Leaders that provide opportunities & training skills via internships, job shadowing, mentoring & supportive structuring to build strong leaders ...

SELF USA, a leading non-profit organization for Girls

We're committed to inspiring our members to become motivated, empowered, & effective leaders

SELF USA Mission

is to assist each of our members with diverse backgrounds and universal cultures in achieving goals and enhancing their quality of life, while building their self-worth.


International Girls Day

Gender Equality 2020

Join SELF USA as we celebrate this movement and support the advancement of Girls Human Rights. Please give a supportive shout-out to all Girls by honoring them via a posting on our website 

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Urban Development & Urban Farming 


SELF USA building and developing new concepts markets and resources for networking opportunities in urban cities. We're DEVELOPING and IMPLEMENTING supportive service network for girls that connects growth and empowerment...

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